Atlanta Falcons: Corner back A.J. Terrell and his transition to the NFL

After signing his rookie contract, CB A.J. Terrell is ready to get to work.

With training camp around the corner for the Atlanta Falcons, we already know most of the rookies that have a desire to play this year will be at camp with the veterans.

Additionally, we know that for the Atlanta Falcons to get better and grow into a respectable team that is a perennial playoff team, their draft picks will have to show up and show out this year and the upcoming years.

Admittedly, looking at A.J.’s scouting report from both The Draft Network and Pro Football Focus we will be able to see how the 16th pick in the first round can help himself get a new contract while simultaneously helping the Atlanta Falcons defensive back room grow to prominence.

What made A.J. Terrell such an intriguing prospect at corner was how he was able to change direction and stay balanced. A.J.’s movement in his backpedal is polished and very clean looking and dependable, admittedly  Kyle Crabbs takes on A.J.’s steadiness are documented let’s take a look.

Feet/COD – SMOOTH! Appreciate watching his base stay balanced and not opening the gate prematurely when playing inside the contact window. Can be guilty of committing in off coverage prematurely and allow receivers to fold routes back across his frame or to the LOS. He’s got great quickness in his pedal.

A.J. has to learn how to control his fluidity with his change of direction which will allow him to cause havoc on the back-end, by being lockstep with his opponents so that the Atlanta Falcons defensive line can record a few coverage sacks.

Additionally, he must harness his smoothness by always trying to better himself by going against Julio Jones, the best receiver in the NFL multiple times a week in practice.

Additionally, while in college his coverage grade was at an above-average rate of 80.7 percent and he also had a good completion rate of 52.3 percent. Admittedly, as football fans, we know that the NFL is a different beast.

Facing off against receivers like Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley will help Terrell develop at a fast rate and give him an advantage that most corners don’t have early in their careers. He won’t just be challenged physically, but more importantly, he will be challenged mentally early on.