Matt Ryan versus Aaron Rodgers is NFL’s best quarterback matchup


Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers are holding down the fort on Monday Night Football this week.

It’s the tale of two teams, headed in different directions. Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons are 0-3, while Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are 3-0. While you’re only as good as your record, Matt Ryan versus Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback matchup in the NFL right now.

The 2020 NFL season got started with Drew Brees taking on Tom Brady. And we had the dud that was Patrick Mahomes versus Lamar Jackson.

But Ryan versus Rodgers is the underrated matchup that doesn’t get the love it deserves. What makes it so tantalizing? These two have had to go through each other on the way to the Super Bowl and have postseason history and Matt Ryan has often just been a knock under Rodgers in meaningful stats seemingly year after year.

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One Hall of Fame QB versus another.

Rodgers has one ring, Ryan has none. Matty Ice has one MVP, Rodgers has two. Ryan has made one appearance on the All-pro first team, Rodgers has done it twice. You get the point. But head to head, these two don’t disappoint. In order to have a legitimate rivalry, you need great players and for each side to win their fair share of games. That’s happened here.

When you look at the stats, Matt Ryan has more yards and a better completion percentage. But Rodgers has more touchdowns and fewer interceptions, as well as more wins. That’s two evenly matched players going against each other for what could be their last meaningful match up with their respective teams.

Over the past five matchups, Ryan has won three and Rodgers two. Can you get any more evenly matched?

While Jackson and Mahomes or Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray may be the matchups of the future, this one has been it for a while. And even though Atlanta’s defense is struggling, expect to see Matt Ryan bring his A-game and clutch gene. Atlanta needs this win for a lot of reasons that we won’t get into but the head to head versus these two is the game within the game.

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And if the Falcons get muster just a few three and outs along the way, expect Ryan and this offense to do the rest and the Falcons to secure their first win of the season. There is no better stage or better team for Atlanta to do it against.