Atlanta Falcons need to show they want Dan Quinn to stay


The Atlanta Falcons have to start walking the walk.

The Atlanta Falcons have done a lot of talking in regard to their desire to keep Dan Quinn as head coach, but their play on the field has not shown this same desire.

After yet another fourth-quarter collapse from the Atlanta Falcons last Sunday against the Chicago Bears, many players made it a point to tell the media that they firmly stood behind Quinn. It is no secret that the players love Quinn.

They fought hard to keep him last season, but after the teams’ worst start to a season since 2007, it is starting to seem like player support just won’t cut it. If the players want to ensure Quinn continues to be the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, they have to execute better.

This is a very talented team, but in every game this season so far, sloppy mistakes have been made on both sides of the ball that should not be happening.

A dropped touchdown from Julio Jones, overthrows, missed tackles, blown assignments, confusion in the defensive backfield, Isaiah Oliver being on the field, and blown double-digit leads is certainly not the way to show that you want a coach to stay. In fact, it shows the opposite.

At this point, it seems like Arthur Blank is willing to let Quinn stay the season, which many fans would agree is a massive mistake and is basically signaling that the next 13 games are all but meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

Quinn is not the guy, regardless of what the players say, and the play on the field is indicative of that. Blown leads are a staple of the Quinn era and it is getting ridiculous.

Enough talking, show up, and play to win.

All we have heard is how pissed off everyone is, but we have yet to see that anger come out on the field. The guys say they want Quinn there, but the play on the field suggests they want him gone as soon as possible.

If you want him there, then show up angry and play a full four-quarter game. Believe it or not, the other team isn’t going to give up just because they are down by 15 points. They are professionals and they won’t stop playing until that final whistle blows.

Stop playing to keep a lead, and just play to win. Stop making stupid mistakes, stop throwing deep balls on first down with a double-digit lead, and just stop talking. Show up on the game day and win for Quinn.

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The team has to play better, and the coaches have to do a much better job of preparation and game planning, otherwise, Quinn is as good as gone and the Atlanta Falcons will be picking number one overall in the 2021 NFL Draft.