Atlanta Falcons’ offense no showed on Monday night


The Atlanta Falcons offense forgot to show up Monday night, leading to another pitiful loss.

Monday nights game didn’t end with another blown fourth-quarter lead for the Atlanta Falcons, because the Green Bay Packers were in control the entire game. There was never any doubt that the Packers wouldn’t win the game, and the Atlanta Falcons offense, or lack thereof, was the driving force behind this easy Packers victory.

From the first drive of the game, the Atlanta Falcons offense looked off and uninspired. Calvin Ridley, who has been an absolute monster through the first three weeks, did absolutely nothing last night, with little effort being shown from Matt Ryan or Dirk Koetter to get Ridley the ball.

Julio Jones didn’t do anything in his limited time on the field either. Overall, the offense looked like a bunch of walking corpses with no emotion or any sign of life, and the play-calling certainly didn’t help either.

Koetter 2.0 is worse than Steve Sarkesian for the Atlanta Falcons

Hiring Koetter was a mistake that every Atlanta Falcons fan knew was waiting to happen. He was not good during his previous tenure and he isn’t any better now. His playcalling in the red zone is atrocious.

There is no reason for a drive that went 20 plays, 94 yards, and lasted over 10 minutes, to end with a field goal. That is completely unacceptable and Koetter is solely responsible because of his play calling.

The only person on offense that looked like they were putting forth any effort or showing any passion at all was Todd Gurley. Give credit to the Packers defense, they played a great game, but the Atlanta Falcons offense looked like they didn’t care to be there, which is shocking considering the team has been talking non stop about how much they want Dan Quinn to stay.

You would think they would want to play hard and show some passion for their coach, but they did the complete opposite.

This team no longer has any heart, and that is apparent after last night. At this point, it looks like the team is just playing the game to get to the next week and to end the season as quick as possible.

The coaching staff looks lost and they are clearly losing the team, regardless of what the players are saying. With that being said though, the offense has rarely been an issue for the Atlanta Falcons, but after Monday’s performance, it looks like they are just as much as a liability as to the defense.

Next. Falcons need to take an offense approach for their next head coach. dark

The schedule doesn’t get any easier and if the offense shows this much lack of heart or energy for the remaining 12 games, we will be in for a very long season that could see the team finish with maybe two wins if they are lucky.