The Atlanta Falcons are the best available job in the NFL

The Atlanta Falcons are currently looking for a head coach.

While the Atlanta Falcons cannot interview currently employed candidates until their regular season ends, Eric Bieniemy is definitely on their list.

Kansas City offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is one of the top, if not the number one, coaching prospect for the upcoming offseason. Bieniemy didn’t get any interviews offseason for a head coach position for some odd reason.

The 2021 offseason will be different.

There are currently two teams in the NFL without coaches, while there may be more before the season is over. Those two teams being The Atlanta Falcons and the Houston Texans.

Atlanta has something (or the closest thing) that every coach would love to have for their first Head job. That being ready to win roster. This Falcons roster is more prepared to win now than any other opening. So let’s get into exactly what this roster does have.

Why should he choose The Atlanta Falcons?

Matt Ryan is no Patrick Mahomes, but he is a hall of fame quarterback with at least a few more years left even at 35. With 13 years of experience, Matt Ryan has had an outstanding career. Having four Pro Bowls and one MVP season in 2016. Ryan has racked up 52,658 yards and 328 touchdowns in 195 career games. I believe Eric will have some fun designing plays made for Matt Ryan and Julio Jones.

Julio Jones is probably the flashiest of reasons to coach the Falcons. The great quarterback and receiver combo is every coach’s dream, and Julio makes plays most players can’t. With both Julio and Ryan, Eric Bieniemy could have this offense doing crazy things.

We have seen the types of plays he has drawn up for Patrick Mahomes and his great receivers, and Julio is the type of player that can make a big-time play at any moment. All of this is assuming these players are still a part of this team next season.

Todd Gurley is another piece that can attract caches, but he is a little tricky. Gurley is currently on a one year deal with the Falcons and will become a free agent this offseason. However, there is a chance he will return next season. If that does happen, Bieniemy is looking at a player who can score in the red zone at will.

In 2019, Gurley had a down year but still scored 14 touchdowns, 12 of them in the red zone at a very high clip. With the offense we have seen Dirk Koetter run this year, it hasn’t featured Gurley as much as fans would like. In week five, Todd Gurley finished with 121 rushing yard and one touchdown on just 14 attempts.

If Atlanta wants to have a chance with Gurley next year, they need to have Koetter involve him in the offense more. Gurley has not topped more than 22 carries once this year.

One more thing could potentially sway Bieniemy to join the Atlanta Falcons as their next head coach. The Falcons have the worst record in the league this year and could easily finish with a top-three pick in the upcoming draft. Eric Bieniemy would have the chance to pick a new quarterback (If the Falcons go in that direction) or a very high potential player.

I think the Atlanta Falcons are the best possible choice to start a coaching career. Teams like Houston and both of the New York teams don’t have the assets Atlanta does. Atlanta would welcome Eric Bieniemy with open arms, and I believe he would be a fantastic coach for the dirty birds.