The Atlanta Falcons have better talent on offense than the Saints

Atlanta Falcons will face the Saints for the first time in 2020.

The Atlanta Falcons are coming off of their bye week and are going up against the division rival New Orleans Saints. People love to talk about the Saints’ high-powered offense but the Falcons’ offense is better.

The Atlanta Falcons offense is unappreciated because of their lack of execution and Dirk Koetter doing his best ”Ask Madden” impersonation when it comes to calling plays.

When this Falcons offense is firing, it’s definitely one of the best in the league.

At this point in time, Matt Ryan is a better quarterback than Drew Brees and that isn’t debatable. Brees isn’t the same quarterback that he’s been in recent years and without Michael Thomas there to catch those infamous slants, Brees has had to depend on Alvin Kamara more than anything.

The Falcons have the better receiving core and it’s or even close. The leading receiver for the Saints happens to also be their running back. For the Falcons, we’ve already seen that Matt Ryan can make do with anybody catching the ball for him.

Atlanta has had three different receivers lead the team in receiving this season, not to mention Hayden Hurst has played like the best tight end in the division so far. The weapons the Atlant Falcons have in the receiving game are just superior.

When it comes to the running game, the Falcons are doing better than many would have thought coming into 2020 but Alvin Kamara has been playing like a top-three back all season. Offensive line play can go either way.

While Ryan has been sacked more than Drew Brees, if you look at how these offenses are built, it’s easy to see why. The leading receiver for the Saints is Alvin Kamara which means Brees has been checking down like no other. Ryan does have a bad habit of trying to wait and force the ball to Julio.

When you look at it from top to bottom, a case can be made that the Falcons’ offense is better than the Saints’ offense. Even though Brees will be out for a few weeks, the Falcons will prove they are the superior offense when they play on Sunday.