Atlanta Falcons should be disgusted by Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Atlanta Falcons should be disgusted by Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will match up twice in the next three weeks, beginning this weekend in Atlanta.

One team is surging towards a playoff bid and is being talked about by every national media publication in the country. The other team is already mathematically out of the playoff hunt and has become one of the bottom feeders in the league with nothing to play for but pride and draft standings as we head down the stretch.

And if you were a time traveler from the last decade, you would think that the roles would be reversed.

Instead, it’s the Buccaneers who are competing for a playoff run and it’s the Atlanta Falcons who have been nothing competitive this season.

Atlanta Falcons fans deserve better and to see the Buccaneers excelling is an absolute slap in the face

We’re talking about the Buccaneers organization that drafted a kicker in the second-round. We’re talking about the Buccaneers organization that missed the playoffs for 12-straight seasons and has been consistently at the bottom of the NFC South Divisional Standings since they joined the league, barring just a handful of special years.

That Buccaneers franchise found a way to put together a playoff level team and it didn’t just start with signing Tom Brady, either.

Even with the dumb decisions they’ve made in the past, the Bucs have drafted the right pieces. They’ve put some solid players on both the offense and the defense together and Brady was just that final exclamation point needed for them to become competitive.

It’s not to say that they’ve been perfect or that anyone has them pegged as legitimate Super Bowl contenders, but the truth of the matter is that Atlanta Falcons fans deserve better.

If you can watch the Bucs- a team whose stadium looks like it’s social distanced during a normal season- go from consistently losing to becoming a legitimate playoff contender, the same should be able to be said at an even higher mark for the Falcons.

Watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers succeed should be a wake-up call to the Atlanta Falcons’ front-office and it should absolutely disgust fans who deserve and should be pushing for much better in the near future.