Father time is catching up to Matt Ryan and Julio Jones


Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are getting old.

With Matt Ryan coming off one of his worst performances in years, and Julio Jones missing several games with a nagging hamstring injury, one has to ask, has father time finally caught up to these Atlanta Falcons legends? Both guys are still producing, but it feels like they are both slowing down.

Julio has only played in eight games this season, due to a nagging hamstring injury that has kept him out and slowed him down when in the game. It’s hard not to look at this injury and be concerned, and let’s face it, he isn’t getting any younger.

He is still producing at a high level, but not necessarily at a “Julio” level. Hopefully, Jones can get healthy and return to top form. Hopefully, my concerns about him getting older will be eliminated by his performance next season.

For Matt Ryan, his performance during Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers cost the Atlanta Falcons the game, and he would be the first to tell you that.

It isn’t just Matt Ryan’s interceptions that are concerning.

His three interceptions all came at important moments in the game. It is concerning to see Ryan read the defense so poorly. His stats, compared to the NFL’s top quarterbacks, is not close, specifically in the touchdown and interception categories.

Part of the blame can be put on Dirk Koetter for his play calling, but Ryan has missed many throws throughout the year and has made questionable decisions.

He is in the top five in passing yards, but only having 19 touchdowns when other quarterbacks in the league have 25+ already is alarming for a guy who had 35 touchdowns just two years ago.

Maybe implementing a new system and bringing in new coaches will help to revitalize Jones and Ryan after an off and on 2020 campaign, but as of right now, neither man looks like the player fans of this team have watched over the last decade.

If Ryan and Jones don’t step it up next season with a new coaching staff and front office, then the naysayers and doubters will only get louder, specifically for Ryan, and a change could come at either position.

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