Matt Ryan outplayed 2020 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes

Matt Ryan outplayed the 2020 NFL MVP in Arrowhead Sunday afternoon.

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan absolutely outplayed his Chiefs counterpart today en route to a heartbreaking 17-14 loss – the franchise seventh loss by a touchdown or less this season.

Ryan has been under fire in 2020 because of the way that he has played and the longtime quarterback continues to be a lightning rod on social media among his fans and his haters. However, he played his best game of the season against the best team on the schedule and did it on the road.

After throwing a season-high three interceptions two weeks ago in a 20-17 loss to the LA Chargers, Matt Ryan has responded well these last two weeks, throwing five combined touchdowns and just one interception.

Sunday against the young Patrick Mahomes, Ryan was phenomenal as he went 27/35 for 300 yards and two touchdowns, and no turnovers. Meanwhile, Mahomes went 24/44 for 278 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception – though he did have another one dropped by rookie corner AJ Terrell that would have sealed the game for the Falcons.

No one knows what Matt Ryan’s future holds.

There is going to be a lot of speculation about Matt’s future in Atlanta after the season is over as owner Arthur Blank continues to say that the new general manager and head coach will decide Matt’s fate but the reality is, it would cost the franchise too much to move him – no matter how much half the fan base may want him gone.

Matt Ryan has thrown for more than 4,000 yards for the 10th consecutive year. In the history of the game, only Drew Brees has accomplished this feat. While some will counter with it doesn’t matter because of wins and losses, today should show everyone that the franchise has much bigger issues than Matt Ryan, and more times than not, the 13th year pro will give this team a chance to win.

The best attribute that Matt Ryan showed today against the Chiefs, he has the ability to get rid of the ball quickly and can adapt his game to mirror what players like Tom Brady had to start doing at this age in order to keep playing.

Yes, there were times he did hold onto the ball too long, but many of his 35 attempts today were 3 steps and the ball was out. That is something that the next offensive coordinator is going to have to do more of as Matt continues to get older and his arm strength continues to decline.

Today was a great day for Matt Ryan and one that proved that he still plays well enough to win even when the team walks away with another loss.