Matt Ryan isn’t leaving the Atlanta Falcons anytime soon


Like it or not, Matt Ryan is not going anywhere.

Contrary to popular belief among many members of the Atlanta Falcons fanbase, Matt Ryan has not been the problem with this organization for the last three years. If anything, this organization would have been far worse off without Matt Ryan.

It seem as though many people are wanting the team to draft a quarterback with the team’s fourth pick in the draft. This would be a waste of a draft pick if you ask me. The Atlanta Falcons desperately need a pass rusher, running back, and corner. These are the big areas of concern with this team, not a starting quarterback.

Matt Ryan, while showing signs of slight regression from time to time throughout the season, is still an elite quarterback who has at least two to three more years in him. If you spend any time on Atlanta Falcons Twitter, you will see photoshopped images of Ohio State Quarterback Justin Fields in an Atlanta Falcons jersey.

These fans have made it clear they are ready for a change at quarterback.

What these people fail to realize is Matt Ryan, regardless of the 4-12 record, had another great year for the most part. He made some uncharacteristic throws from time to time, and he would be the first to tell you that last season was not necessarily his best.

However, in a season where Julio Jones missed almost half the season due to a nagging hamstring injury, the offensive line once again allowed over 40 sacks, and Dirk Koetter was calling plays, Ryan still threw for over 4,000 yards and 26 touchdowns. He also led the league in completions and attempts, which is both great, but also concerning because the running game was non-existent throughout the second half of the season, leading to over 600 passes being thrown.

Give Matt Ryan a competent coaching staff and we could see him return to MVP form. This team has problems, with subpar coaching, no pass rush, and lack of a running game being the key issues, but Ryan is not one of them.

For a guy that is now 35, he is still throwing the ball well and with the right play calling, he can lead this team back to the playoffs. Believe it or not, if the Falcons win even half of the one score losses from the season, they could have made the playoffs.

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If this team can learn how to finish, the Atlanta Falcons will be among the best teams in the league once again, and the only way this happens is if Matt Ryan is the quarterback, not Justin Fields or Zach Wilson.