Arthur Blank correctly identifies the Atlanta Falcons biggest need


Atlanta Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, has chimed in on the team’s biggest need.

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank hit the nail on the head when discussing what the team’s biggest need is, a running back.

Everyone knows the Atlanta Falcons have not had a consistently strong run game since Michael Turner was the starter. Devonta Freeman had his moments, as did Tevin Coleman, however, neither was a game-breaker.

Arthur Blank knows that the run game is the weakest part of this team currently, and it is something that definitely needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

It is pretty much a given that Todd Gurley will not be back. He started off strong but finished the second half of the season with a whimper. It’s also no secret that Ito Smith and Brian Hill are not elite runners.

With all of this being said, running back has to be a top priority for the Atlanta Falcons. Blank knows that this position is a dire need for this team to be successful.

The offense can’t rely on Matt Ryan to throw the ball 50 times a game.

That is not how this team will win.

There needs to be balanced in the offense, and there are a number of options that the Atlanta Falcons could look at. Alabama’s Najee Harris would be a great fit. He is fast, athletic, and strong, and we all saw what Arthur Smith helped Derrick Henry become over the last couple of seasons in Tennessee.

The running back duo of Javonte Williams and Michael Carter was dominant at North Carolina and either one of them, specifically, Williams, would be a great addition.

Other options at this position include Ohio State’s Trey Sermon, who is a Georgia native, Clemson’s Travis Etienne, and Oklahoma State’s Chuba Hubbard, to name a few more. Outside of the more prominent runners, there are options at running back like Memphis’s Kenneth Gainwell and Demetric Felton from UCLA.

Blank sees the talent in this year’s draft, and he understands that, while the Atlanta Falcons desperately need a pass rusher, the need for a dominant running back can’t be overlooked and should arguably be the prime focus.

With a plethora of running backs available, it gives the Atlanta Falcons plenty of chances to draft the right guy at running back, but it would be hard to watch somebody like Najee Harris go in the first round to another team.

This is why the organization should seriously consider making the running back position the prime focus of the first round.

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