Atlanta Falcons: Arthur Blank needs to be held accountable

Arthur Blank has seen more Falcons failures than most (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Arthur Blank has seen more Falcons failures than most (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) /

Atlanta Falcons fans have been in a tizzy all offseason. The franchised hired a new coach, a new general manager, don’t have enough cap space to sign their draft class and rumors continue to swirl about Julio Jones.

But don’t let Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank walk away from this unscathed. All of the problems the Falcons are dealing with came under Blank’s watch.

The mismanaged contracts, the egregious free agent signings, the poor drafts, all of that came during the regime that Blank presided over.

Arthur Blank has consistently shown he is unfit to lead the Atlanta Falcons to a Super Bowl

First, Arthur Blank backed himself into a corner declaring Jones and Grady Jarrett would be “Falcons for life.” It’s one thing for a player to say they want to be that, but when the owner comes out and makes a declaration as such, the general manager has no choice but to make it happen.

That’s what former GM Thomas Dimitroff did. He also continued to restructure Matt Ryan’s egregious deal and push the cap problem down the road. That too was predicated by Blank saying he was willing to make Matty Ice one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the game. Now, the Falcons are tied at the hips to an aging quarterback who only has a few years left.

Where has Blank been this season? Nowhere to be found. Not only has he made commitments to players without weighing the full ramifications, but he also continues to be mum on these current issues.

And maybe that’s for the better. No this is Terry Fontenot’s mess to figure out. How’s that for a first-year on the job?

Arthur Blank has yet to bring this city a championship. He stuck with Dan Quinn way too long with no reason to. He wasted three years of a roster because he, for some excuse no one else could figure out, kept backing a coach who didn’t deserve it.

So what are fans expecting from Blank now? He’s made it clear he’s too loyal to people over the success of the organization.

Just like with every head of an organization, the buck stops with the head. And in this case, that’s Arthur Blank.

So listen Mr. Blank, do us all a favor and let someone else take a chance at hiring and running this team because clearly making prudent decisions and bringing a Super Bowl to Atlanta is not a task you’re up for.

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