Arthur Smith has crazy family connection to famous football movie

Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /

Many know about Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith’s father, Frederick Smith, who is the founder and CEO of FedEx. Frederick Smith also used to be a minority shareholder in the Washington Football Team before all the drama went down with owner Daniel Snyder.

It has been talked about how Arthur Smith has made his ascent to being a head coach without taking advantage of having connections into the league through his father, and that is a huge credit to him.

What most will not know is that Arthur Smith has a close connection to Michael Oher, who was the focal point of the book and movie, The Blind Side.

How is Arthur Smith connected to this famous movie?

Atlanta Falcons head coach, Arthur Smith, has family connections to the former Baltimore Ravens’ top draft selection, Michael Oher, who fought through a lot to make it into the NFL.

There is an obvious connection that most could find with the Atlanta Falcons coach and former NFL player, Michael Oher. who played one year for the Tennessee Titans in 2014 while Arthur Smith coached the tight ends of the team. However, that does not scratch the surface of their connections.

Many who have either read the book or seen the movie, The Blind Side, know the story. If you have not, it is an incredible story of how Michael Oher came from basically nothing to be able to simply dominate high school competition at Briarcrest Christian School in Memphis Tennessee. He became an overnight sensation due to his size and agility for a big man.

Long story short, Michael was basically alone in life due to a bad family situation. There was a family who was gracious enough to bring him in to live with them. They helped clothe him, hired tutors, and just helped him make it through life. They eventually adopted him in 2004.

This was the Tuohy family, who is a wealthy family of the Memphis area. Sean and Leanne Tuohy had two kids before their adoption of Michael, they were Collins and Sean Jr.

Going back to Arthur Smith’s family, the father, Frederick Smith, had ten children. One of those children being Cannon Smith.

This is where it gets crazy, Cannon Smith dated Collins Tuohy. They eventually got married in 2016. So in other words, Arthur Smith’s sister-in-law is Collins, who is also Michael Oher’s sister.

There are several of the siblings who keep private, and who could blame them? But of the other ones who have not are – Windland Smith Rice, Molly Smith, and Richard Smith

Windland Smith Rice was a famous photographer, who even produced content for National Geographic Society, Fujifilm, and Nature’s Best Photography magazine. Tragically in 2005, she passed away from Long QT Syndrome Type 2. She has a photography award named after her, given out each year for Nature’s Best Photography.

Then there is Molly Smith, who is a film producer and has a company named Black Label Media.

The funny part about all of this is that she was an executive producer in The Blind Side movie. Yes, the movie based on her eventual sister-in-law’s life and family.

Last but not least is Richard Smith. Richard is FedEx’s Regional President of The Americas and Executive Vice President.

Needless to say, there is no shortage of fame within Arthur Smith’s family.

You have the founder of one of the biggest companies in the United States who is the father of the family, a sibling who had a photography award named after her, a sibling who is currently the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, a sibling who has worked on numerous movies — including one on her eventual sister-in-law’s family — and is a founder of a film finance and production company, and another sibling who is high up in FedEx.

To the credit of the Atlanta Falcons head coach, he has not let anything distract him from his goal of getting the team their first-ever Super Bowl win. Hopefully, that time will come sooner than later.

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