Atlanta Falcons cutting Javian Hawkins was surprising

Atlanta Falcons running back Javian Hawkins (25) Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Atlanta Falcons running back Javian Hawkins (25) Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

Fans have said that the NFL stands for “Not For Long,” and that certainly describes the situation former Atlanta Falcons running back, Javian Hawkins found himself in.

As part of the five cuts they had to make following the conclusion of the second preseason game, the Falcons decided to let the undrafted rookie go. It was a move that shocked most people, especially with him not even making it to final cuts.

When the team signed Hawkins after the conclusion of the NFL draft, it seemed like he would coast his way to a roster spot.

He certainly was paid like a player who had a decent shot to make the roster, but things can change quickly in the NFL.

The Atlanta Falcons cutting Javian Hawkins was a surprise in the eyes of many.

The Falcons seemed to like Javian Hawkins a lot until he received very few snaps in the two preseason games, now he is looking for a restart on his new team.

Even with the Falcons not giving Hawkins too many snaps during the preseason, it seemed like he would still find a spot on the roster. In fact, it almost seemed like a good thing for him. From the outside looking in, it looked like they were confident in his ability, so they were not going to play him too much in unmeaningful games.

Again, things change so quickly in the NFL.

Since his release from the Atlanta Falcons, Hawkins signed with the Tennessee Titans.

The positive factor that Hawkins had going for him was that he did not have competition from another player in the running backs room who had the same skillset.

Known as “Playstation” during his time at Louisville, he was an electric runner and catcher out of the backfield, something the Falcons do not have.

Cordarrelle Patterson is the only speedy runner from the backfield, but he does not have the flashy cuts that Hawkins would have provided. Javian Hawkins was looked at being a possible Tarik Cohen of the Atlanta Falcons.

Arthur Smith in years past with the Tennessee Titans, he certainly relied on Derrick Henry for the most part, past Henry they had recently retired, Dion Lewis. Lewis was the threat out of the backfield, and Patterson will probably take over that role for Smith.

Smith has not really used a player like Hawkins, and that is likely a big reason for the team deciding to let him go so early.

However, it was strange to see Javian receive so little carries in the two games the team has played. He did not have a good showing during the first game, but no one on offense had a good game for the most part.

In the second game against the Dolphins, Hawkins was able to break off a couple of long runs. He showed some quick feet and explosive burst that got fans excited.

One thing that may have cost him his spot was when he decided to fall to the ground, rather than get hit on his second big carry during the game.

With the release of Hawkins and the prior release of Tony Brooks-James, it seems quite clear that Arthur will rely on runners who get the tough yards. It certainly fits the way he has been coaching the team thus far.

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