Calvin Ridley’s future with the Atlanta Falcons is in serious doubt

Despite the Atlanta Falcons leaving Miami with a win, there is one big concern about a certain player on the offense—Calvin Ridley.

Calvin Ridley came into this season with the highest expectations of his young career, he was fresh off an incredible year in 2020. To the dismay of him and the team, he has not been the same player this season, it has been hard to watch.

Atlanta Falcons receiver’s nightmare of a season continued in Miami

The Atlanta Falcons entered the season with a clear-cut number one wide receiver in Calvin Ridley, but that narrative is in doubt after the disappointing five games he has participated in.

Let’s get this out of the way first, this is not criticizing his decision to take a week off for a mental health break. It is awesome to hear that he decided to do that, more players should. This is based solely on his play on the field, and nothing else.

Ridley has been criticized for not getting upfield and ducking away from any sort of contact—which is totally warranted, he has cost the team yards because he avoids taking any hits—but past that, he is failing to show up outside of a few players here and there during games.

With a number one wide receiver, you need someone who will make an impact throughout the entirety of the game, not a play every so often. Think about what Julio Jones did for the team throughout every game. He was dominant, which is also what Kyle Pitts is turning into.

Calvin will be due to receive a new contract in the next year or two. The Falcons’ accepted his fifth-year option on his rookie contract, so he is under contract for next season as well.

The talks for another contract are bound to come up sooner than later, possibly during the offseason, but if he continues to play like he is, how can you justify paying him as a number one threat?

Against the Dolphins, Ridley was targetted ten times, catching four for a total of 26 yards and a single touchdown. He also cost the team by allowing the defender to rip the ball away from him causing an interception, and also dropped a screen pass.

It has been anything but what was expected from the talented pass catcher, he could turn it around any week and go off but as it stands right now, the Atlanta Falcons should seriously consider not offering Ridley another contract.