The Atlanta Falcons prove they are incapable of competing

The Atlanta Falcons were coming off of a big win in New Orleans prior to Sunday’s game against the Cowboys, they felt good, they felt as if this was their stretch of the season to make a serious statement—however, that quickly was put to rest.

The Falcons performance against the Cowboys was one of the worst in the history of the NFL, especially during the first half.

Sunday’s game vs. the Cowboys proved the Falcons are not worthy of the playoffs

Atlanta was holding onto the last playoff spot in the NFC going into the game against Dallas, which was hard to believe considering how this team has looked at points during the year.

With no one in the NFC really pulling away so far, it allowed the Dirty Birds to hold that last spot for the time being, but after what the team showed in Dallas, they do not deserve any spot in the playoffs.

For a team to be losing by 33 points going into halftime is simply embarrassing. Arthur Smith even said so during his halftime interview. There is no way around it, the Cowboys were on pace to beat Atlanta 72 to 6.

Dallas scored a whopping 29 points in the second quarter alone, not exactly the sign of a defense that can even consider stopping any playoff team.

The whole team should be totally embarrassed about Sunday, they showed they are not close to competing in the NFC, despite coming off of a good stretch in which they won a few good games.

This was a game where we were going to figure out who the Falcons were and no one could have expected it to be a team that looks as bad as the New York Jets, but that is what they showed.

There should be no thoughts about playoffs despite the fact they are well within reach of the seventh seed.