The Atlanta Falcons cannot afford to start Jalen Mayfield in 2022

If the Atlanta Falcons could only pick one player to replace during the upcoming off-season the answer is beyond obvious. From the start, Jalen Mayfield set the tone for how his rookie season was going to go with Atlanta.

Allowing the Eagles to implode the middle of Atlanta’s offensive line throughout the season opener. Even at his best this season, Mayfield wasn’t anywhere close to good, often blocking nothing more than the air in front of him and allowing whoever he was lined up against to head straight for Matt Ryan.

Despite the fact it will be admitting they whiffed on a pick Atlanta cannot afford to bring back Mayfield next season.

Matt Ryan’s health is too important for the Atlanta Falcons to continue starting the disaster that has been Jalen Mayfield

Matt Ryan survived the 2021 season despite leading the league in quarterback hits taken. Many of these hits rest squarely on the shoulders of one Jalen Mayfield. Ryan is heading into his age thirty-seven season and cannot be expected to take this punishment again next season.

Whether it is cutting him outright or finding a trade partner that believes Mayfield can still develop Atlanta must part ways with Mayfield.  Jalen Mayfield was a major problem this season one they cannot afford to bring back.

Literally, any veteran guard in free agency would be an upgrade over Mayfield, that is how poorly the guard performed this season.

The Falcons owe it to Ryan and Atlanta’s fans not to allow the level of play Mayfield demonstrated to be brought back next season. Even if they believe Mayfield could develop at the very least they need to bench the guard in favor of an option that is currently capable of blocking something other than air.

Ryan’s health is too important to this team’s chances next season to continue to risk putting Mayfield in the starting lineup. His time with the team as a starter should be at an end.