Cordarrelle Patterson has made it clear to the Atlanta Falcons he wants to stay

Whether it was his Atlanta hoodie or his “Why no retire in Atlanta” cleats Cordarrelle Patterson hasn’t been shy about letting the Atlanta Falcons know he wants to be back with the team in 2022.  Patterson was a reprieve from an underwhelming Atlanta offense and without a doubt the best part of the season offensively for Atlanta.

On a bargain $3-million dollar deal, Patterson became Atlanta’s featured weapon and their best option in the run game and often in the passing attack. Not only was Patterson a joy to watch on the field he quickly became a fan-favorite off the field both among the Atlanta faithful and throughout the NFL.

Patterson was the fun breakout story of the NFL season on an otherwise boring Atlanta Falcons team. Now Patterson is willing to come back to Atlanta, the question remains can Atlanta afford him?

Despite Cordarrelle Patterson being very vocal about remaining with the Atlanta Falcons, it is far from a done deal

Cordarrelle Patterson is coming off of an outlier of a season one that he has never put together before. This leaves one to ponder whether any regression could be in store for the utility player next season?

While he is a great weapon and fits Arthur Smith’s schemes perfectly Atlanta needs to be very cautious about long and how much guaranteed money they are willing to give Patterson.

Despite their cap issues Patterson’s willingness to come back and Atlanta’s need for playmakers is more than enough to think it is more likely than not that Patterson returns. However, Atlanta must ere on the side of caution with this particular negotiation and not allow one great season to completely determine Patterson’s value.

If forced to play Patterson top dollar Atlanta would be better served to look elsewhere and allow Patterson to make his money on another team. As difficult as this may be for Atlanta and their fans it is the right move if a team-friendly deal is off the table for Patterson.