Falcons Can’t Afford Asking Price for Watson

The Atlanta Falcons have been tied to Deshaun Watson rumors for months, but now that some see this trade actually happening – it’s time to address the cost. There’s been talk of several draft picks, a possible transaction involving three teams, and the list goes on. But a Houston-based sports commentator gave some insight into a possible asking price.

Clint Stoerner tweeted out to his 45.3K followers the Texans would get a number 8 pick in this year’s NFL Draft, as well as both of Atlanta’s second-round picks, and a first-round selection in 2023. Wait! There’s more. Stoerner also wants Kyle Pitts and A.J. Terrell.

Falcons Need to Walk Away

While this trade proposal seems ludicrous, which it is, it gives us some clue to the value that Houston is putting on their former face of the franchise. As ridiculous as this Stoerner trade idea is, we have to remember the Texans didn’t move Watson last year and were satisfied with sacrificing the entire 2021 season. So maybe this guy isn’t too far off. Obviously, Houston wants to make up for last season and ensure they get the best deal for losing Watson, who would’ve been the team’s future.

That said, if that is the asking price, the Falcons should be hanging up the phone immediately, blocking all social media accounts from the Texans, and pretending to not be home if they see the Texans pulling up to Mercedes Benz Stadium.

A trade like this would set Atlanta back not only now but in the future. Kyle Pitts, the fourth overall pick from last year’s draft, was one of the bright spots on a rather unimpressive offense. A.J. Terrell, the first-round pick from the 2020 draft, has seen solid progression in the cornerback position and is quickly becoming one of the NFL’s elite defensive backs. This move would also come with trading Matt Ryan, who Stoerner suggests is going to Indianapolis or Tennessee.

Losing three great players and four high draft picks would be disastrous for any team. If this is the asking price, we know why Watson is not moving. It’s unlikely he will be traded to any team if that is the kind of return Houston is looking to get for the quarterback.