How many playoff teams will the Atlanta Falcons play in 2022?

We already knew which teams the Atlanta Falcons are going to play during the 2022 season, but we recently found out when they will play each team.

Atlanta will open the season at home against their bitter rival, the New Orleans Saints, and it figures to be one of the easier games on their schedule.

The Atlanta Falcons will play numerous 2021-22 playoff teams

The Falcons last year finished the year with a 7-10 record, certainly respectable for a team with a new head coach and a lack of talent. They were able to beat the teams they were expected to beat, but in 2022, those games will be at a minimum.

So, how many teams that made the playoffs last season will the Atlanta Falcons have to play during this upcoming season?

The short answer is seven, that is if you count the Buccaneers twice. 6 out of the 14 playoff teams from last season

Those teams will include the two Super Bowl representatives in the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, as well as the Buccaneers twice, the 49ers, the Steelers, and the Cardinals who all made the playoffs.

The Falcons will have to play playoff teams in week 2, week 5, week 6, week 7, week 13, week 17, and week 18. That is a tall task for a rebuilding team.

Combined those teams won a total of ten playoff games last year.

Throw in teams like the Chargers and Ravens who are expected to be right in the middle of the playoff push, and the Browns who now have Deshaun Watson, making them a major threat. Plus the New Orleans Saints twice who are looked at as a possible playoff team, even if no Atlanta Falcons fan wants to admit it.

For those rooting for the Falcons to lose as many games as possible in order to secure a top draft pick, this schedule sets up heavily in your favor. It might actually be the best thing to happen to Atlanta as this is simply not a playoff team quite yet.