Falcons: Chris Lindstrom snubbed from NFL.com rankings

Atlanta Falcons NFL guard Chris Lindstrom
Atlanta Falcons NFL guard Chris Lindstrom /

About a week ago NFL.com put together their rankings of the top 15 players from the 2019 draft class, and missing from the list was one of the Atlanta Falcons’ best players.

Chris Lindstrom has played outstanding for Atlanta the past few years when healthy, he has really been by far their best offensive lineman for a while now. He is one of the best in the league at his position but people are just not giving him any type of attention.

NFL.com snubs the Falcons’ best offensive linemen from their rankings

There should honestly be no doubt that Chris Lindstrom is a top 15 player from the 2019 class but for some reason, Bucky Brooks decided to totally overlook him, probably because he plays for the Falcons.

Brooks ranked Elgton Jenkins, an offensive lineman for the Packers, at nine. If he is ranked at nine then Lindstrom should be one of the top eight players. Jenkins allowed two sacks last year on a pretty decent offensive line, while Lindstrom allowed zero sacks while also playing on a very poor offensive line.

Sure, Jenkins might play left tackle which is a position where you are prone to giving up more sacks, but Chris Lindstrom was literally perfect in sacks allowed, how could he not at least be in the top 15?

Not only is he not a part of the top 15 but there were also ten honorable mentions listed, and Lindstrom is nowhere to be found.

Among the honorable mentions were Marquise Brown, C.J. Gardner Johnson, Erik McCoy, Dre Greenlaw, and others. Without a shadow of a doubt, Chris Lindstrom is a better player than them.

In reality, Bucky Brooks is basically saying that the Falcons’ top offensive lineman is not even a top 25 player from the 2019 draft class. For him to think that is beyond comprehension. It seriously seems like he has no idea what he is talking about or there is at least a little bias somewhere.

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