Watch: Matt Ryan has longer run than Marcus Mariota in over 6 years

They don’t call him Matty Wheels for nothing. In his first game back following his benching, Matt Ryan had the scramble of a lifetime that set up a game-winning touchdown for his Indianapolis Colts.

This is quite literally the last thing I thought I would ever say but Matt Ryan pulled off a long run and almost broke it off for a ridiculously long touchdown.

Matt Ryan now has a longer run than Marcus Mariota in six years

Matt Ryan, the 37-year-old quarterback who ran a 4.89 forty-yard dash 14 years ago, just pulled off a longer run than Marcus Mariota, who ran a 4.52 forty coming out of Oregon in 2015, has had since before the Atlanta Falcons made the Super Bowl.

Against the Las Vegas Raiders, in his first start since being benched, and on the game-winning drive, Matty Ice pulled off a stunning 39-yard run and was one measly step away from taking it 75-yards for a touchdown.

That is a longer run than Marcus Mariota has had with the Atlanta Falcons and a longer run than he has had since he was in his second year in the league. This is the ultimate trivia question.

Matt Ryan’s previous career long was just 20 yards all the way back in 2010. No one and I mean no one saw that coming, let alone, him doing it on a game-winning drive for the Indianapolis Colts while also being so close to taking it 75 yards.

Marcus Mariota, meanwhile, has a long of 30 yards this season. In his rookie year in 2015, he pulled off an 87-yarder and then a 41-yarder in 2016, but since then he has not run for more than 34-yards on a single carry (which came in 2017).

Matt Ryan in his first start since week seven completed 75% of his passes (21/28) for 222 yards and one touchdown. His one touchdown came on a 35-yard pass to Paris Campbell for the go-ahead score. The Indianapolis Colts’ defense made a stop on fourth down to seal the game against the Raiders. Colts won by a score of 25 to 20, putting their record at 4-5-1.

Matt Ryan has now been the starter for every Colts win this year, so safe to say that their new head coach, Jeff Saturday, will be giving the keys back to Ryan for the remainder of their season.

What a crazy day it has been in the NFL today. The first regular-season game in Germany, the wildest game we have ever seen between the Bills and Vikings, a quick comeback by the Lions and the Packers, and then a 39-yard run from Matt Ryan. We will never see a day like this again.