Here is what convinced Calais Campbell to sign with Atlanta

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The morning got started with a bang as it was announced that the Atlanta Falcons would be signing veteran Calais Campbell to a one-year contract.

The big news wasn't so much the signing but the mere fact that he chose the Falcons over some other teams that have better playoff chances (for what it is worth), which would seemingly be a priority for Campbell at this stage in his career. However, it has now been revealed why Campbell chose the city of Atlanta.

Arthur Blank impressed Calais Campbell enough to sign with Atlanta

Arthur Blank might get some criticism for his management of the Atlanta Falcons—warranted or not—but one thing that you cannot deny is his impact on the community and this world. We now have even more evidence of that with former Walter Payton Man of the Year award winner, Calais Campbell, signing with a Falcons team that doesn't get much playoff hype.

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Whenever there is a 36-year-old free agent, it is assumed that they will prioritize going to a team that has higher perceived odds to win the Super Bowl, over money, which is why we all assumed that when Campbell left Atlanta without a contract to go meet with some other higher-profile teams, that he would end up elsewhere.

However, according to Ian Rapoport, Arthur Blank had a phone call with Campbell that had no mention of football, instead, charity work.

This just shows the type of person that Arthur Blank is and that he is legitimately seen as one of the best owners in sports. So, when you see Campbell make a big play this upcoming year, you can thank the owner—for both his leadership and money.

This is also a far cry from the media's perception of him over the past day. Following comments about Lamar Jackson and the uncertainty of how long he could sustain his style of play, the media, and maybe even Jackson, criticized him for calling him injury prone, even though he never said such a thing. It was totally taken out of context and/or stretched.

All in all, the Falcons landed Calais Campbell who is a significant boost to a position group that has been underwhelming for years. Huge win.

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