10 Days till kickoff: Best player to wear #'s 10-19 for the Atlanta Falcons

The season is almost here! We sit at 10 days until the 2023 regular season begins for the Atlanta Falcons and so here are the best players in franchise history to wear each number in the teens
Denver Broncos v Atlanta Falcons
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We are sitting at just ten days until the Atlanta Falcons will play the Carolina Panthers for their first game of the 2023 NFL Season.

This team is much more intriguing than in years past so this feels like a defining year for a team that has struggled over the past six years. Perhaps this is the start of a winning era for the Atlanta Falcons franchise.

The best player to wear each number in the 10s with 10 days until kickoff for the Atlanta Falcons

As you could already guess, this section of the series will have a special player for the Atlanta Falcons and the same can be said for the last ten numbers. Let's get to it, starting with number 19.

#19: Aldrick Robinson, WR (2016)

Clearly, this isn't the most spectacular number in the history of the Atlanta Falcons but Aldrick Robinson did help his team reach their second Super Bowl as an explosive depth receiver.

#18: Calvin Ridley, WR (2018-2022)

While Calvin Ridley's tenure with the Falcons came to a sad end, it shouldn't overshadow what he did with the team. He scored a lot of touchdowns (28 TDs in 49 games) and was able to put up 1,374 receiving yards in 2020 despite being in a bad place mentally and physically. I don't even think we have seen the best from Ridley yet; he should flourish in Jacksonville.

I can't help but mention Taylor Gabriel here too. He was an underrated player during his tenure in Atlanta.

#17: Devin Hester, WR/PR/KR (2014-2015)

Devin Hester should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame already. He was simply dynamic and explosive. He is the greatest return man in NFL history. He had a very memorable moment with the Atlanta Falcons during a Thursday Night beatdown against the Buccaneers in the Georgia Dome with his idol, Deion Sanders, on the sidelines.

#16: David Archer, QB (1984-1987)

Dave Archer did not have great stats with the Atlanta Falcons. He threw 18 touchdowns to 29 interceptions but he has been known for his excellent work around the team. He serves as the color commentator for the radio and appears on the team's official podcast.

#15: Gail Cogdill, WR (1969-1970)

Gail Cogdill was a big and versatile receiving threat back in the 60s. He is known for what he did with Detroit but his 475 yards and six touchdowns in Atlanta still makes him the best number 15 in franchise history.

#14: Eric Weems, ST/WR (2007-2011, 2014-2016)

Russell Gage certainly has an argument here but Eric Weems is the choice because of his long tenure as an excellent special teams player. He made a Pro Bowl in 2010 after returning a punt and a kickoff for a touchdown.

#13: Chris Mohr, P (2001-2004)

The unlucky number was worn by a pretty solid punter for the Atlanta Falcons. Chris Mohr was the Falcons punter for four seasons with him averaging 40.3 yards per punt.

#12: Chris Chandler, QB (1997-2001)

Chris Chandler gets the nod over Michael Jenkins. Chandler was a solid quarterback during his time as he made two Pro Bowls to start his career in Atlanta.

#11: Julio Jones, WR (2011-2020)

No surprise that the most dominant wide receiver in NFL history is also the best number 11 in Atlanta Falcons history. There isn't much you can say that hasn't already been said about Julio Jones—he was simply unstoppable. He had 848 receptions for 12,896 yards and 60 touchdowns,

#10: Steve Bartkowski, QB (1975-1985)

The first really good quarterback in Falcons history was Steve Bartkowski. The number-one pick in 1975 won 123 games and completed 1,871 passes for 23,470 yards and 154 touchdowns.

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