The 10 highest-rated Atlanta Falcons in upcoming Madden 24

Ratings for the Atlanta Falcons have dropped for the upcoming Madden 24 which is set to release on August 18th. Here we will look at the ten highest-graded players for the Falcons.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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Madden 24 will be the next edition of the long-standing and lone NFL video game. It is set to release worldwide on August 18th, so in preparation, they have released player ratings.

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We are going to look at the ten highest-rated players on the Atlanta Falcons for the Madden video game which will be the representation for the 2023 NFL season.

The ten highest-graded Atlanta Falcons in the upcoming Madden 24 video game

Madden used to be such a beloved game for NFL fans but complacency has really taken hold of it in years past. A main complaint has been that it is the same game every year but that is semi-unavoidable because it is the same league and sport every year—nothing you can do about that.

But yes, when I used to play it, it certainly felt repetitive each year. However, ratings are usually what gets the general public (which includes those who don't play it) all riled up. Unsurprisingly, that is not going to change this year, especially for the Atlanta Falcons who aren't exactly a team that will bring in the big bucks for the creators.

In other words, don't expect to be happy with the ratings of who Madden believes are the ten best Falcons going into the 2023 season.


Listed Position


1. Chris Lindstrom



2. Jessie Bates



T3. A.J. Terrell Jr.



T3. Kyle Pitts



5. Grady Jarrett



T6. Calais Campbell



T6. Cordarrelle Patterson



8. Jake Matthews



9. Bijan Robinson



10. Drake London



Chris Lindstrom's rating is the biggest problem here, at least in my opinion. Look, I get it, offensive guard is not the sexiest position and if he was the highest-rated guard at 93, I might have been okay with it but that is not the case. They gave Zach Martin that honor with his 99 rating. At worst, Lindstrom and Martin should have identical ratings... I guess $$$ is the ultimate persuader

Elsewhere, the order in which the team is rated is questionable. It feels like Madden is really underestimating the players who are going into their second year. The Falcons rookies from last year were easily some of their best players.

I am actually surprised Jessie Bates got a rating in the 90s. It certainly would have been expected if he never left the Bengals but it seemed like him joining the Falcons would change things.

Also, keep in mind that quarterback ratings are supposed to drop today but I think it is safe to assume that Desmond Riddder and Taylor Heinicke won't be in the top ten for Atlanta.

But hey, it is just a video game. Go win a Super Bowl and I am sure things will be different to start Madden 25 (or whatever it will be called with there already being a Madden 25).