2 Clemson freshmen with big ties to Falcons getting action on field

The son of former Falcon Jamal Anderson, as well as the brother of current Falcon A.J. Terrell, are are seeing their first action as freshmen at Clemson
Florida Atlantic v Clemson
Florida Atlantic v Clemson / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

Jamal Anderson is a staple in the history of the Atlanta Falcons. The former running back was the driving force of the Falcons' journey to their first Super Bowl in 1998 and he is the creator of the iconic Dirty Bird dance.

Meanwhile, cornerback A.J. Terrell is a staple of the current Falcons team. Both of these football players have family members who are starting their careers as future pillars of the Clemson defense.

Atlanta Falcons have two players with family ties to upcoming Clemson defenders

Jamal Anderson is a legend for the Atlanta Falcons while A.J. Terrell is on his way to becoming a legend for the franchise and both have family members who could become legends at Clemson University in the near future.

Starting with Jamal Anderson, his son, who has the same name, is a member of a strong linebacking core for the Tigers. He is in his first year and saw some action in Saturday's blowout win over FAU.

For A.J. Terrell, his younger brother, Avieon Terrell, is in a similar scenario. He is a building block for the future at the cornerback position. Terrell saw action at the same time as Jamal Anderson.

Both players were local products as they were both born in Georgia; Anderson in Buford and Terrell in Atlanta.

Elsewhere on Clemson's roster, they have the son of former Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter with linebacker Jeremiah Trotter Jr., the grandson of 15-year NFL veteran Julius Adams and son of former NFL RB Keith Adams with Keith Adams Jr., and the grandson of legendary coach Bear Bryant with quarterback Paul Tyson.


Keep an eye out for these players, particularly Avieon Terrell and Jamal Anderson who are excellent talents. Perhaps the Atlanta Falcons could end up with the two familiar bloodlines in a few years.