2 Falcons land in top 4 of PFF's highest-graded rookies in 2022

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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The Atlanta Falcons have not received much credit for their 2022 draft class. All of the praise has gone to the New York Jets and the Seattle Seahawks but neither of those two teams can claim what the Falcons can claim—having two of the four highest-graded rookies in 2022.

Pro Football Focus posted the list of the highest-graded players from the 2022 draft and the Falcons made up 50% of the top four.

Falcons' Tyler Allgeier and Drake London land 3 and 4 on PFF's highest-graded rookies

No matter what the Atlanta Falcons do, the media will never give them credit. You never hear about the Falcons' 2022 draft class and how solid it was. You only hear about the Jets, Seahawks, Lions, etc.

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I reckon the Falcons could draft seven Pro Bowlers in one draft and they will still ignore them, but, this time, we are here to talk about some notoriety that Pro Football Focus was forced to give Atlanta.

They decided to post their highest-graded players from the 2022 draft, meaning there was no opinion involved, and they obviously had to use the grades they assigned each player. Let's be honest, if this post involved anything other than solid facts, the Falcons wouldn't be on here.

Tyler Allgeier and Drake London are enough reason to list the Falcons as having a top-five class. Then you add what Desmond Ridder could become, as well as Arnold Ebiketie, DeAngelo Malone, and Troy Anderson who all showed flashes, and this could be a draft that completely changes the franchise.

Let's say Desmond Ridder becomes what many of us think he can become; the Dirty Birds would then have a deadly trio of offensive stars with Ridder, Drake London, and Tyler Allgeier—those three could all be franchise cornerstones.

Anyways, you get the idea, maybe after another strong year by the trio, as well as improvement from the defenders, people will start to realize that the Falcons class from a year ago deserves to be up there with the Jets and Seahawks.

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