2023 NFL Draft: Top 10 Safeties and their fits with the Atlanta Falcons

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Draft's top-ten safeties and their fit with the Atlanta Falcons

The top 10 safeties in the 2023 NFL Draft might not be a ton of first and second-round picks, but it's still a good class for the Atlanta Falcons to find some depth pieces in. While it's not top-heavy, it does have a lot of guys who will fit in well for special teams and depth for the Falcons. The good news is that the Falcons have established starters with Jessie Bates III, who recently signed, and Richie Grant, who was hand-picked through the draft for Atlanta's final line of defense. Because the Falcons have established starters, they don't really need to worry about drafting a high-round safety.

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With the lack of a need for a starter, it would be tough for the Falcons to justify a top two-round pick on any of these top safeties, but they could very easily take someone in the mid-rounds for a key special teams ace and depth at the position. The only other way to look at these selections is as a potential nickel corner for their defense. The Falcons have signed Mike Hughes as the potential nickel and have Dee Alford for that role as well. But they could want to go big and have someone to compete with 2022 strong safety starter Jaylinn Hawkins, Hughes, and Alford to be the nickel.