2024 NFL Draft: 5 teams who could trade with the Atlanta Falcons

These five teams could be interested in acquiring the Atlanta Falcons' eighth-overall pick during the 2024 NFL Draft.

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2. Falcons could trade back with the Denver Broncos (No. 12)

After you get past the Bears at pick nine, you have what I like to call "the mid-tier quarterback alley." There is a stretch of three or four teams who should all be targeting quarterbacks, which would be a dream come true for the Atlanta Falcons.

These teams are going to fight with each other for the mid-level quarterback prospects. The Falcons could drive up their price, go with the highest bidder, and still get a top-tier prospect.

3. Falcons could trade back with the Las Vegas Raiders (No. 13)

The storyline continues, the Las Vegas Raiders need a quarterback but they sit at the backend of the QB alley. They need to make a play to trade up or they risk being left with the sixth quarterback on the board.

This is the team I would watch out for, they have the need and are in the worst position.