3 Atlanta Falcons players who are interesting trade pieces in 2024

The Falcons have some quality trade pieces who could interest many teams.
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
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The Atlanta Falcons are entering a season where they will be looking to add rather than subtract from their roster before the trade deadline.

While the NFL isn't like the MLB where you see established stars being traded for prospects, we still occasionally see players and picks shipped off for an established star. The Falcons have some areas they must address which may require some trades.

Fortunately, they have these players who they can trade, along with picks, to help get the player they want.

1. Avery Williams

Avery Williams has had quite a ride these past two seasons. He went from being the best punt returner in the league to having a season-ending injury last year. Now, he hopes to be the primary return man for the Falcons.

However, the team has complicated things after signing Ray-Ray McCloud who has made a name for himself as a return man.

Unfortunately, Williams may be dispensable if the right situation presents itself. A team that values special teams and has an injury to their return man would have to come calling to offer enough for Terry Fontenot to trade Williams. Or they can use him to sweeten the pot to acquire a superstar.