3 Atlanta Falcons that will benefit most from hiring Zac Robinson

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3. Drake London

Looking at the Rams season what stands out the most is how much they fed their star players. Not saving their health for a playoff run that would never happen or targeting secondary players using stars as decoys but truly giving their stars as many touches as possible. That is the mentality that Robinson is going to bring to the Falcons.

If the Falcons have anything close to a capable quarterback both London and Pitts will be over 1,000-receving yards with Robinson crossing that mark in rushing. London is such a talented player who has been wasted on blocking and running short predictable routes. Near the end of the year, we caught a glimpse of what London is as a jump-ball receiver.

London can go up and make the contested catch and has enough of a route tree to be in the league's top 15 receivers. However, the poor coaching and quarterback play have limited what he can accomplish in each of his first two seasons. Look for a breakout year for Drake that will show the league just how poorly Arthur Smith has managed his talent over the last two seasons in Atlanta.