3 Atlanta Falcons under the most pressure heading into the 2024 season

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2. Raheem Morris

With what Arthur Blank has spent this offseason how patient would the Atlanta Falcons owner be with his head coach? Historically Arthur Blank is a very patient owner with new head coaches. Though it is important to factor in Atlanta's payroll and the level of investment.

There is also the fact that Atlanta has a wide-open division, and an easy schedule, and Morris isn't a first-time head coach. While there shouldn't be playoff expectations in year one it is fair to expect a winning record and a wildcard appearance.

Anything less for Morris and it wouldn't be off the table that the Falcons go ahead and part ways. Blank is frustrated with the team's recent losing and the spending and moves this offseason speak to that. There is a healthy level of pressure on Morris in year one to deliver in his second go-around for the Falcons.

The way that Raheem Morris leads and carries himself off the field is a much-needed breath of fresh air. The coach has already endeared himself to much of the Atlanta fanbase. Put together a winning season, something that hasn't happened since 2017, and the pressure will dissipate.