3 Atlanta Falcons who stepped up in huge week 12 win

The Atlanta Falcons notched their biggest win of the year thanks to these three players
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Jessie Bates III

It didn't take long for Jessie Bates to make his name known in Atlanta. In his first game as a Falcon, he picked off Bryce Young twice and forced a fumble. He simply had an outstanding game that propelled the Falcons to a week one win.

Now, in the biggest game of the year, Bates dominated again. The Falcons, without a shadow of a doubt, would have lost that game if they didn't have Bates.

He baited Derek Carr in the first quarter and picked him off for a 92-yard touchdown. It was a sensational play that really set the tone for the game.

Yet, somehow, his forced fumble on Taysom Hill felt just as impactful. The 'Visitors' had been moving the ball down the field easily but continued to settle for field goals. However, as time was running out in the third quarter, the 'Visitors' decided to sneak in one more play (nothing good ever happens when you do that) and Taysom Hill ran a QB draw up the middle. It looked like he might make the endzone for a second but then Jessie Bates said "Not so fast" and put a punch on the ball, forcing a fumble and turnover.

It just felt like that was the drive that the defense was going to give up a touchdown. Jessie Bates really won this game for the Falcons and continued to show why he is the best safety in the NFL.

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