3 draft picks the Atlanta Falcons gave up on too soon

The Falcons gave up on these three draft picks way too soon.
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3. Desmond Ridder, QB

This is not going to be a popular pick but it is one that I truly believe to be true. Desmond Ridder was not good by any means during his first season as the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons.

However, he had some excellent flashes and was surrounded by some less-than-coaching. He didn't even have a designated quarterback coach which is just ridiculous.

While I understand that a new coaching staff came in and felt it was best to let the young player get a new start, Ridder still has the talent to be something in this league, even if it is just a quality backup.

The Falcons also got rid of their more accurate quarterback and decided to keep one of the least accurate quarterbacks in the league in Taylor Heinicke. If they were going to get rid of one of them it should have been Heinicke.

Ultimately though, it was best for Ridder to get a new start after a mistake-riddled 2023 season.

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