3 Falcons defenders who can revive their career under Raheem Morris

Raheem Morris could be the best thing to ever happen to these three Falcons defenders.
Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
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Kevin King, CB

Using the word "revive" for Kevin King and his career is perfect. After having the mob drive him out of Green Bay, King took some time off to rehab from unfortunate injuries and now he is ready to reunite with some of his former coaches.

For now, King should be worried about making the roster. If he can do so then the Falcons may have found a solid depth piece in the former second-round pick.

This wasn't a blind signing by the Falcons. They signed him because two coaches—who know him better than anyone—still believe in him. If they ever doubted his ability to play then there is no way they would have agreed to sign him after he sat out of football for two seasons.