3 Falcons land on PFF's top IDL rankings, Grady Jarrett ranks lowest

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If you were asked to name one current Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman the first name that would come to your mind would probably be Grady Jarrett. He has been a constant force for the Falcons and their most-steady defender over the past near-decade. However, Pro Football Focus claims that he isn't even a top-two interior player for the Falcons' defense anymore.

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PFF ranked their top-32 defensive linemen in the NFL and the Falcons have three veterans who landed on the list, and, shockingly, Grady Jarrett is the lowest-ranked player of the group.

Atlanta Falcons have three of PFF's top-32 interior defenders and Grady Jarrett is 3 of 3

Most of us are expecting—for good reason—to see Grady Jarrett atop the defensive line depth chart at the start of preseason, at the start of the regular season, at the end of the regular season, and the throughout the postseason (hopefully). He has been the Atlanta Falcons' best defender over the past six or seven years and is still a great player who deserves the top spot.

Naturally, though, not everyone is going to agree with that and while Pro Football Focus thinks he is still a good player, they don't think he is better than Calais Campbell or David Onyemata.

On their rankings of the top-32 interior defensive linemen in the NFL, they ranked Calais Campbell at 17, David Onyemata at 21, and Grady Jarrett at 23.

I think almost everyone will disagree with this. There are not 22 defensive tackles that are better than him, even at this point in his career (not that he is even that old). No player at any position has had as little help around him throughout their career as Grady Jarrett has (sounds like a great topic for a future article). I say that with zero hesitation. It should be taken into account, that is all I am saying.

Nevertheless, it is hard to believe that the Atlanta Falcons have three defensive linemen ranked in the top 25 on anyone's rankings. Never thought we would see the day.

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