writers are loving the 2023 Atlanta Falcons

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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After writing about ESPN's very brutal ranking of the Atlanta Falcons' offseason, it is about time to talk about some optimism regarding the Dirty Birds.

You can find that optimism by going to as a couple of their writers are very bullish on the Falcons in 2023. Adam Schein listed some bandwagons to jump on this season and had the Falcons at the top, while Kevin Patra listed the Falcons as the second-best candidate to go from worst to first in their division. is very optimistic towards the 2023 Atlanta Falcons

As Atlanta Falcons fans, we have no idea what optimism is. It is something that seems to elude our team every year (rightfully so), so when we finally see some positive talk about our team, it makes us do a double-take.

Doing a double-take is exactly what you will be doing when you go to as they have two writers who are positive about the Falcons.

Adam Schein is up first; he named nine teams/players/coaches to jump on the bandwagon for and atop that list was the Atlanta Falcons. Yes, you heard that right, the Falcons are the first bandwagon he is jumping on.

The only unfortunate thing is that he opens it up by saying that the Falcons and Saints could both win ten-plus games in 2023—something that both fanbases would only half agree with.

As for the second article, Kevin Patra ranked all eight teams who finished last in their division last year by their likelihood of winning the division in 2023. His top candidate was the New York Jets but right after Gang Green were the Dirty Birds.

Overall, it is great to see some love going to the Atlanta Falcons for once, but it is also fun to be the underdog. Surely, even after these two pieces on the top NFL website, the Falcons will still be huge underdogs in 2023.

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