3 Falcons who could get cut after the 2024 NFL Draft

The Atlanta Falcons could make these three cuts after the draft depending on how things play out.
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2. Ade Ogundeji, OLB

I don't like beating a guy when he is already down but there is no way around it, Ade Ogundeji should consider himself lucky if he makes it through preseason, let alone making it past final cuts.

Ogundeji as a primary starter in 2022 was anything but good. He managed only a handful of pressures throughout an entire season in what was his second year. I wrote about it back then, he was the worst starter in the NFL—he took the torch from Jalen Mayfield.

Now Ogundeji is coming off of a season-ending injury. Having to come back from an injury as a fringe player puts Ogendeji's future in serious doubt, especially if the Falcons decide to draft multiple edge rushers.