3 Falcons who have been downright disrespected this offseason

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Atlanta Falcons DT Ta'Quon Graham has been disrespected

This is a player that you might not have expected to see on here, but the Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle, Ta'Quon Graham has been disrespected by some and flown under the radar for the rest.

Graham's season came to an end on an unfortunate season-ending injury. Following his injury, the impact he had on the Falcons' defense became obvious. The interior of the defensive line really was held up by Grady Jarrett and Graham.

His injury has caused people to forget about him and then the additions the team has made have buried him even though he will be near the top of the depth chart once healthy.

The disrespect has really come from everyone clamoring for Jalen Carter prior to the draft despite the Falcons already having a deep group of down linemen. His name should not be overlooked or forgotten.