3 Falcons who have been downright disrespected this offseason

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Atlanta Falcons RB Tyler Allgeier has been disrespected

Tyler Allgeier being disrespected has nothing to do with the Atlanta Falcons selecting Bijan Robinson by itself, but rather the response we have heard from those out there who talk for a living.

Bijan Robinson is a generational talent, no doubt about it, but there has been this dismissal of Tyler Allgeier as being an average player when that is downright false—Tyler Allgeier is an incredible running back.

The former BYU Cougar just set a franchise record for most rushing yards by a rookie running back and broke the 1,000-yard mark—something that Alvin Kamara has never done. He did all of that despite going into the season as the third-string running back.

I have heard people talk like Bijan is about to get 95% of the carries for the Falcons, that is not going to happen. Allgeier and Patterson will get a lot of carries even with the addition of the top-ten pick.

I have also heard people say "Tyler Allgeier had 1,000 rushing yards for the Falcons last year, that is how easy it is to be a running back in Arthur Smith's offense." That is the most ignorant statement ever, Tyler Allgeier did play in a friendly offense with a good offensive line but make no mistake about it, Allgeier earned every single one of those yards.

I cannot wait for fantasy owners to learn the hard way that Bijan Robinson won't be given all the carries because Tyler Allgeier is too good to not hand the ball to.

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