Falcons Fact: Tyler Allgeier has more 1k rush seasons than Alvin Kamara

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Amongst all of this year's draft talk, let's point out something about one of the Atlanta Falcons draft picks from last year.

2023's fifth-round pick, Tyler Allgeier, had a fantastic rookie season, so fantastic in fact, that he can claim something that one of his rival running backs cannot.

Falcons' RB Tyler Allgeier has more 1k rushing seasons in his career than Saints' RB Alvin Kamara

The Saints running back Alvin Kamara has received a lot of praise through the years. He has been a good player but one thing he hasn't managed to do yet is rush for 1,000 yards—something that is seen as a 'right of passage' to be considered an elite running back. And for the Atlanta Falcons, their rookie from last year already put up over 1k rushing yards in a season.

The most rushing yards Kamara has had in one season was back in 2020 when he ran for 932 yards, compared to Allgeier who ran for 1,035 yards as a rookie. With that, Kamara had 728 rushing yards as a rookie in 2017.

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Yes, I know, Kamara is used as a receiver a lot while Allgeier wasn't. However, isn't the point of being a running back to run the ball?

It isn't like Kamara hasn't been given the opportunity to break the mark. He had more rushing attempts in each of the past two seasons than Allgeier had as a rookie. The Falcons gave their running back 210 carries last season while the Saints' runner had 240 attempts in 2021 (898 rushing yards) and 223 attempts this past year (897 rushing yards).

And let's continue piling it on, Kamara had four total touchdowns and four fumbles this past season while Allgeier also had four touchdowns but zero fumbles with a catch percentage that was 20.1% better than Kamara.

I am not going to say who is better—I am just here to state the facts—you can come to your own conclusion.

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