3 Falcons who lost their job during the 2024 NFL Draft

The Atlanta Falcons draft class will leave these three players without a job.
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Every season brings a new wave of young talent which results in an old wave being pushed into retirement. Just think about all of the draft picks you heard over the weekend; most of those guys just took a job from an older player.

The Falcons made eight picks during the 2024 NFL Draft. While their first-round pick didn't necessarily cost a player his job if the Falcons decide to take advantage of the emergency third-quarterback rule this year, their other picks certainly did.

Here are three Falcons players who were replaced in the draft.

Ta'Quon Graham lost his job after the drafting of Ruke Orhorhoro & Brandon Dorlus

Ta'Quon Graham has carved out a nice career with the Atlanta Falcons after being a late-round draft pick. Remember, not too long ago, he was starting next to Grady Jarrett.

However, after the scheme change and drafting of versatile defensive linemen Ruke Orhorhoro and Brandon Dorlus, his next step in his career might be out of the door.

While his time in Atlanta might be up, he is still good enough to play in this league so he should be able to latch on with another team.