3 Former Atlanta Falcons the team should consider reuniting with

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3. Bud Dupree

The Atlanta Falcons should cut Lorenzo Carter and re-sign Bud Dupree as a rotational edge rusher. You have Arnold Ebiketie who has shown some promise but has a lot of work to do to become an every-down player. The Falcons are likely going to draft a starting edge rusher as well but still could use the depth at the position.

Bud Dupree wasn't as great at rushing the passer as Atlanta fans may have hoped but he was a solid run defender and showed impressive effort. The Falcons are in trouble if Dupree is their primary pass rusher yet again in the 2024 season.

However, if the team can bring back the veteran while adding an impact starter it is a savvy move. Dupree is more valuable to this team than Lorenzo Carter and can offer more to Atlanta's young players.

Bringing him back is going to be an afterthought but one that would go a long way in fixing Atlanta's depth issues at the position and provide a starter in case of injury. Whether it is Dallas Turner or another surprise name Atlanta seems locked into taking an edge rusher in round one. Bring in a veteran that knows this roster and can offer guidance and production heading into the 2024 season.