3 massive questions we still have about the Atlanta Falcons

Three questions we have about the 2024 Atlanta Falcons before the draft
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Every offseason, teams have to ask themselves one question: Did we get better? For the Atlanta Falcons, the answer is a crystal-clear 'yes.'

Adding Kirk Cousins fixes the biggest issue of last year's team. They did not have a consistent quarterback and with him, they are easily a better team. Past that, they did not lose much in free agency and they were able to significantly improve the talent at wide receiver.

With all that being said, we still have these three questions about the 2024 Falcons.

Question No. 1: Will Kirk Cousins return to full health?

An Achilles injury in your mid-30s is something no one wants. While the success rate of rehabbing a torn Achilles is high, it is still far from certain.

The Falcons put a lot of trust and money in Cousins making a full recovery, they better be certain that he will recover.

The good news is that he isn't Lamar Jackson, he is a pocket passer who isn't going to put extra stress on his tendon.

Even if Cousins is back and ready for the regular season, you still have to worry if he will have had enough time to create chemistry with Drake London, Kyle Pitts, and co.