3 offseason mistakes already hurting the Atlanta Falcons in OTAs

What offseason mistakes are already apparent during Atlanta Falcons OTAs?
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The Atlanta Falcons have started their preparation for a promising 2024 season. They started OTAs already and will wrap them up with three scheduled days next week.

We have already seen plenty of news regarding the team throughout the offseason. They made the biggest free agency signing and the 2024 NFL Draft's most shocking pick. Things have been spicy these past few months.

However, things have not been perfect. Some mistakes have already popped up with this team during OTAs.

1. Signing another return man with Avery Williams' return

Avery Williams—the NFL's best punt returner two seasons ago—is back on the field after tearing his ACL a year ago. That year-long hiatus convinced the new coaching staff that they should add another quality return man to the team in Ray-Ray McCloud III.

While minor, this seems like a mistake. Williams is capable of handling return duties himself making Ray-Ray's addition questionable.