3 players the Atlanta Falcons would trade on draft night

These three Atlanta Falcons players could find themselves on a new team during the NFL Draft.
Atlanta Falcons Introduce Raheem Morris as Head Coach
Atlanta Falcons Introduce Raheem Morris as Head Coach / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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The Atlanta Falcons could trade LB Troy Andersen on day one or two

In one of my recent mock drafts, I had the Atlanta Falcons trading Troy Andersen—along with a few picks—to the Eagles for their first-round pick. This may be an option for Terry Fontenot if he sees a player he loves dropping into the 20s on day one.

Andersen's value is not a day-one pick by any means. He is super talented and has played well at times, but he has not stayed on the field and was only a second-round pick two years ago anyway.

Andersen's expectations on this roster are not what they were a year ago because of the emergence of Nate Landman. While he would be nice to have, the Falcons can survive without him if they need to use him to snag a player they love.