3 players the Falcons could trade during draft season

These three players could be on the move during draft season for the Falcons.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Taylor Heincke, QB

I am just going to ignore the fact that the Atlanta Falcons thought keeping Taylor Heinicke was a good idea, that will turn into a rant.

Heinicke was not good last year and the Falcons need to bring in someone who can develop behind Kirk Cousins. Heinicke's salary is too high for what he brings to this team and if they can find a team who will take the bait, then they need to trade him.

The three-quarterback rule complicates this a little bit but you want a backup quarterback who you can trust at any given moment. I don't know how you can reasonably say you trust someone who has been the least accurate quarterback in the NFL over the past two years.

The problem is, what team will be willing to trade for that? Possibly you can do a mini trade-up in the sixth round after you draft a developmental quarterback.