3 players who have a mysterious future with the Falcons

We have no idea what the future holds for these three Falcons players.
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RB/ST Avery Williams has a mysterious future with the Falcons

Avery Williams has made a name for himself on special teams. He has stuck around for his exceptional ability as a punt returner, but now he is coming off an injury that cost him his third season and has competition.

Ray-Ray McCloud was not signed just for his ability on offense, he was signed for his ability to return kicks and punts.

Normally, we would say that Williams is likely done in Atlanta but now we have a new kick-return format that will entice teams to use two returners. Williams would be the best candidate to line up with Ray-Ray.

Does Williams' value as a special teamer warrant keeping him around? I would say yes but we have no idea what Raheem Morris thinks. If there is good news for Williams it is that the Falcons retained special teams coordinator Marquice Williams—who looks a lot like Marcell Ozuna (random observation, I know. I just needed to point that out after years of thinking it).