3 Potential Head Coach hires the Atlanta Falcons should avoid

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Dan Quinn

Whatever mojo Dan Quinn lost in Atlanta the coach has found yet again in Dallas. Coaching a unit that lost their best corner early in the year Quinn's schemes and pressure heavy style has shone through and put his name in the head coach discussion again.

Quinn deserves far more credit for what he brought to Atlanta. Yes, we don't have to talk about the moment that his team was lost. But the head coach built a strong defense and proved his ability to get the most out of his roster. Dan deserves his fair share of the blame for how things ended but it was the Atlanta Falcons OC that truly lost the game for Atlanta with an infamous playcall.

The point here being that while Quinn is very deserving of another shot that clearly isn't going to be in Atlanta. The Falcons need a fresh perspective and shouldn't consider a reunion with their former head coach. Quinn is going to get a shot to be a head coach yet again and it is a much-deserved promotion for a coach who got Atlanta as close to winning it all as they have ever been.