3 QB trades the Atlanta Falcons should take a chance on

After two rough games by Desmond Ridder, here are three QB trades the Atlanta Falcons should take a gamble on

Trey Lance
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Three QBs the Atlanta Falcons should attempt to trade for

Through his first eight games, Desmond Ridder has been wildly inconsistent for the Atlanta Falcons. He has really struggled early in games and then often settled down and got things going in the second half of games.

However, what does it matter if you get things going if the game is almost out of reach in the second half? That has been a huge issue for this team and the issues have lied on the offense.

The new concern with Ridder is the turnovers. He didn't throw an interception in his first five games and much of that has to do with luck. Now his luck has run out and he is turning the ball over.

Things have been rough for him and it has resulted in fans calling for his job as the starter. Arthur Smith appears to be content with riding the wild waves with Ridder but that doesn't mean that we can't look at three quarterbacks that the Falcons should consider taking a gamble on.

At this point, it might be smart for the Falcons to take a chance on a young, talented quarterback—which is what two of these three QBs are.